Race spectators

Spectators make a huge difference to the experience for runners. Here’s what a few runners had to say about the support they received:

"Massive thanks to you guys for putting on this great event. My first marathon and I enjoyed it immensely. Travelled 180 miles to do it and so glad I did. People of Hull you did yourselves proud with support and encouragement and the support from the marathon makers was awesome. I was moved to tears several times. You all rock!"

"Thank you so much hull marathon! A fantastic event, made me incredibly proud to call Hull my home! Marathon makers - you were all amazing. The support on route was fantastic and it was brilliantly marshalled. Great event!"

"Just to say, what an awesome event! My friend travelled from Yorkshire and I travelled from Cambridge, to meet in Hull for this event. Neither of us had ever been to Hull and had no idea what to expect. The event surpassed our expectations by far. You guys did an incredible job arranging it. I've participated 4 half marathons over the past two years and this event was just incredible and really stood out. The people of Hull were so supportive and the staff/volunteers were fantastic."

The good thing about the RB Hull Marathon is that you can watch and support the race nearly everywhere around the route. Here's a few ways in which you might want to encourage this year's runners.

1. Make some noise

Bring out your whistles, rattles, air horns, and bells and set the air on fire with noise! If you've got nothing to make a noise, simply clap and yell - it'll really boost the runners.

2. Cheer

You'd be surprised just how much impact a simple 'come on' or 'you can do it' will make to runners. If you can't think of what to say here's a list of commonly used expressions:

Top Expressions

  • Come on
  • Keep going
  • You can do it
  • Keep running
  • Well done
  • Looking good
  • Dig deep
  • You're doing really well
  • Not far to go now / Almost there (best used near the end of race!)

3. Give people a name check

At the RB Hull Marathon, runners will have their names on their race number so why not let them know by name how much you appreciate their efforts? It's worth it when you see someone who looks exhausted light up when they hear you cheering for them with their name.

4. High five

This is a great one for the kids to do anywhere along the route. Most runners, especially those not in it to win the race, love interacting with the crowd like this.

5. Banners, flags, balloons and signs

Runners love to read signs along the race route to help break the monotony. If you know someone who's running, why not make a banner or sign showing your support? It doesn't have to be professional, it's the thought that counts. If you live on the race route, why not hang something from one of the windows?

6. Put on some music

Why not share some of your favourite tunes with the runners - just check with the neighbours beforehand! Even better, if you play an instrument, come out and show the runners what you can do?

7. T-shirts and trainers

If you live or work on the race route you could display t-shirts, running vests and trainers outside to show your support for the race and the runners.

8. Food and drink

Even though we'll have feed stations around the route, runners will always appreciate a few morsels to keep them going - so why not offer runners some water, squash, jelly babies, chocolate or some soft fruit?